The other side of the notebook

I’ve been a journalist for 25 years. Being a reporter is essential to who I am. Interviewing, questioning and taking notes are like breathing.

Which is probably why the past month has been so odd for me — I’ve been the one interviewed. The reporters who have wanted to write about my book and my story have been professional, kind and patient, and for that I’m grateful. But the whole experience has opened my eyes to a glaring fact: being interviewed isn’t easy, especially for someone who has never been the target of a story! It’s actually anxiety-inducing and a bit terrifying.

I’m glad experienced this and will attempt to be a little more mindful when I talk with folks who have never spoken with reporters before.

And so, here’s a roundup of the stories:

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And a lovely article in the Times of London about my train journey! The reporter was so cute when he sent it to me — “please try to see past the first item about people living with their pigs,” he wrote. It’s only available on pdf: