The Craving Series

Step into a sensual, sophisticated world where dominant men and smart, ambitious women explore lust and love.

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To save her business, she’ll trade every last inch of her body…

Justine’s passion is journalism, and she’s trying to beat the odds and save her family’s newspaper. With the company on the edge of collapse, she begs a private equity group for help. But she didn’t realize her rich ex-boyfriend Rafael was the one in charge, and she never expected his 30-day indecent proposal…

Trading millions of dollars for a month of no-strings sex, Rafael can’t wait to ruin the woman who refused to leave his thoughts. But as the action between the sheets becomes more and more intense, his desire for retribution melts at the thought of a second chance.

And just when their problems are seemingly solved, an appalling skeleton from Rafael’s closet makes Justine fear their love won’t even make it down the aisle. Making matters worse: she’s pregnant with the baby they always desired.

Rafael’s deepest happiness is finally within reach. But his dream of having it all crashes and burns when his former secretary emerges with a secret that could wipe out their wedding bells. As blackmail threatens to cancel his lifetime of joy, Rafael vows to discover the truth and keep their love alive.




To save her marriage, she’ll have to seduce her husband all over again.

Emma’s world revolves around her bookstore, and when she meets a mysterious billionaire named Caleb at a literary event, it’s a smart and sexy match made in heaven. The quirky Emma can’t believe her luck when handsome Caleb falls for her, or when she gets pregnant with his baby. Finally, Emma has the family she’s always wanted.

But she doesn’t anticipate that Caleb will disappear during a business trip to Brazil when she’s six months pregnant…

Forced to carve out a new life without Caleb, Emma’s taken by surprise when he returns as suddenly as he vanished. Unsure if he still wants her, she can’t stop herself from seducing him all over again.





Samantha Citrouille’s anxiety won’t stop her from attending London Fashion Week and collecting a lifetime industry award. After all, when iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld requests your presence at an exclusive party, you have to jump on a plane. Even if you’re deathly afraid of flying.

While white-knuckling it on the turbulent flight from Florida, Samantha’s seated in business class next to a handsome stranger named Colin King. His low, smooth voice helps calm her nerves. But her panic reaches its peak when the plane is forced to land in Iceland due to mechanical failure. Distraught, she’s horrified to discover that all hotels are booked due to a summer solstice festival. As the world’s top designer of tropical resort clothing, Samantha _ known as Sam C. to her legions of fans _ is used to luxury at her Palm Beach estate, not sleeping on airport benches with only a pashmina wrap for a blanket.

Her impossibly sexy seat-mate Colin kindly offers to share his accommodations, because a business contact owns a sleek pied-à-terre in Reykjavik. Samantha, emotionally wrung out, agrees for what she thinks is one quick night.

A freak volcano eruption forces Samantha and Colin to stay in the Icelandic capitol for a long weekend, and the two have nothing better to do than share cocktails, bare their past sins in conversation, and indulge in each other under the midnight sun.

But things become complicated after their idyllic fantasy weekend together. Colin, a self-described modern-day rake, is sure he’s finally found the woman of his dreams. But Samantha, who has her own fears and ghosts of the past, isn’t so certain. She’d rather fly around the world, twice, than have her heart broken again.



Snowed in a mountain cabin over the holidays, Oliver and Charlotte act on longtime hidden feelings – but will their love last after the snow melts?

Charlotte and Oliver have known each other since they were kids. When she was five, she kissed Oliver. When she was fifteen, Oliver kissed her. Even though they went their separate ways in college, they’ve never gotten each other out of their minds.
When they find themselves trapped during a snowstorm over the holidays, they finally let their walls come down and heat things up inside the cabin. But will things stay hot when the snow melts?