Paradise Beach Series

Welcome to Paradise Beach. Land of sugar sand, endless sunshine and shirtless men. Strange and wonderful things happen here. And island life is even hotter after dark…

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ALL I KNOW (Prequel):

After his kiss, I desperately wanted our relationship to be real…

I’m a struggling bartender, trying to manage a chronic health condition without insurance. Then Damien Hastings, my first love, walks in. He’s a gorgeous, muscular Marine — and offers to marry me so I can get treatment. So I can be healthy and whole. But Damien and I can’t keep our hands off each other. And what happens when our fake relationship leads to very real, and extremely complicated, feelings… just as our time is running out? Click HERE to read on Wattpad!

ALL I WANT (Book One):

That naked guy in my hotel room? He’s the groom’s brother in this weekend’s wedding. Oops.

I’m determined to find out why my best friend is getting married on a whim. When I travel to Paradise Beach to stop the wedding, I’m the one who comes to a screeching halt when greeted with the sight of a naked guy in my hotel room. He’s the best man in the wedding. And he’s gorgeous. As a successful real estate broker in New York City, Max Hastings is never without a beautiful woman on his arm. He’s telling me I’m the sexiest woman he’s seen in years, and wants me in his bed. I don’t do relationships. But did I mention that he’s hot? So we come to an agreement: a weekend wedding fling is just the thing both of us need. Click HERE to read on Wattpad!

ALL I ASK (Book Two):

She’s a European princess. He’s a laid-back island lawyer. Is it true love, or a massive royal scandal?

My name is Princess Isabella of Montignac, and I’m supposed to marry a prince that I don’t love. But he was caught on a viral video snorting coke off a stripper’s butt in Las Vegas, and I no longer want to pretend for the sake of the royal crown. When I check into the Paradise Beach Resort for a week of soul searching, a fat pug takes a wee on my travel pillow. Then the dog’s owner, a stunningly handsome man named Tate, asks me to dinner. But just when things are looking up, an unpredictable turn of events happens. I’m arrested for harassing an alligator and an island cop suggests I call a local lawyer. Turns out it’s a familiar face: Tate, the hot man candy from the day before. And since I have to stick around on the island to clear up my legal troubles, Tate and I have a hard time keeping our hands off each other. Will I forsake everything I know — a royal title, palaces and riches — for life and love on Paradise Beach? Click HERE to read on Wattpad!

ALL I DO (Book Three):

Remy Hastings is known as the playboy of Paradise Beach, and he can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous mermaid literally swims up to his boat. She’s not a real mermaid, of course, but a woman with a gorgeous… tail.

I’m opening Mermosa, a mermaid-themed bar on Paradise Beach. When I surface to find Remy Hastings in the Gulf of Mexico, I’m intrigued by the bronze-skinned, amber-eyed boat captain. But even though I’ve always had questionable taste in men, I’m a bit mer-mazed when I follow him back to his sailboat for a hot night of fun. Before we hook up, Remy lays down the law: no-strings sex. He’s a confirmed bachelor. I enthusiastically agree, because I’m getting out of a bad relationship. But apparently for the first time, Remy wants more than one night. Soon, no strings turns into a tangled knot, and for the first time ever, Remy’s casting a net for only one woman…me. Click HERE to read on Wattpad!

ALL I DESIRE (Book Four):

When Natalia Hastings is paired with a handsome older guy during a quirky photoshoot for the Paradise Beach tourism board, sparks don’t just fly. They explode. Matthew Mancini is everything she’s looking for: gorgeous, smart and super sweet. But he’s also a divorced single dad, and Natalia isn’t sure she wants to be a mother, much less a stepmom. When she discovers that Matthew has ties to the worst part of her past, she’s forced to make a difficult choice. What if you meet Mr Right…and he’s got more baggage than the belly of a 747? Click HERE to read on Wattpad!