Grounds for Murder

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On being an author with a day job

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Love is the Drug

My main project for 2018 is a book exclusive to Radish Fiction. It's a multi-part serial novel called Love is the Drug, and it's about a teen girl who falls for the worst possible man. It's a bit of a departure from my previous work. The heroine is younger and the hero's a little (okay, a lot) ... [Read More]

Times Festival of Reading

Mark your calendars! If you're in the Tampa Bay area on Nov. 11, please come say hi at the Times Festival of Reading! I'll be speaking about serial fiction apps with the CEO of Radish Fiction. We're speaking at 2:15 p.m., and you can find a schedule of events at the Festival's website. I'll also be ... [Read More]

The other side of the notebook

I've been a journalist for 25 years. Being a reporter is essential to who I am. Interviewing, questioning and taking notes are like breathing. Which is probably why the past month has been so odd for me — I've been the one interviewed. The reporters who have wanted to write about my book and my ... [Read More]

On returning, and what I ate

  I've been back from my trip for almost a week, and I'm still trying to get my bearings. I won't lie: it's odd going on such a long journey and losing track of days and dates, only to return home and have to fit into a routine again. On Sunday, I got a wonderful massage but woke up Monday ... [Read More]

Mission District Murals

  I have a thing for street art. Murals, light projects, sculptures. I'm not exactly sure when this started or why, but whenever I'm in a new place, I'm drawn to public art. San Francisco has a ton of it, especially in the Mission District. There's a legacy of political and cultural murals ... [Read More]

Chicago to San Francisco

The train trip from Chicago to San Francisco was the longest yet — about 50 hours total. I spent most of my time revising and rewriting my next book, which is always a slow and painful process. My rewriting was interspersed with some journalism, too. I interviewed several interesting people, and ... [Read More]

Florida-New York-Chicago

Here's my trip in pictures so far!                                       ... [Read More]

This is my brain on New York

  I always experience an extreme feeling of sensory overload when I'm in New York City. I usually stay at the same hotel, and always just collapse on the bed at some point, hoping for quiet and that everything around me will pause for a few minutes.     ... [Read More]