Serial Fiction


Serial Fiction

How do you read books? On an e-reader? Or in paperback? Or … neither? Increasingly, people are reading on their phones. It’s a hassle to carry two electronic gadgets around, and many people have devices with bigger screens. Why not read on the device you carry the most? Now there’s a way to read books on your phone by your favorite authors in formats optimized for the device: Radish Fiction and Wattpad. Perhaps you saw the story about the apps in The New York Times.

I’d written a serial novel — Tell Me a Story — and released it in Kindle Unlimited in the summer of 2016. I happen to love reading and writing them, so when I heard about Wattpad and Radish, I jumped at the chance to put my books there. Even my non-serial books have an episodic feel.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to release my book, Constant Craving, in 41 parts on the Radish app. Because it’s about a newspaper publisher, I joked that it was like an old-time newspaper serial, with sexytimes.

The reaction to the book — which was rejected by every publisher — was astounding. It received hundreds of thousands of reads. I released it six months later in e-book form, and in March of this year, it was named a finalist for an RWA RITA™ award in erotic fiction – possibly making it the first RITA contender that wasn’t first published in traditional or e-book form.

I now have books on both Radish and Wattpad, and I absolutely adore the readers I’ve connected with on those sites.

My latest serial, LOVE IS THE DRUG, started May 1, 2018 on Radish. You can check it out by clicking HERE.