It’s live!

And there’s a surprise — Constant Craving was featured in a Buzzfeed article! 

5 Steamy Reads That Should Be On Your Nightstand

As the weather starts to cool, these books will definitely keep you warm. Get ready to stack your nightstand book pile high with these 5 sexy romances…

Read the article HERE.

Blinking back happy tears from seeing this right before Constant Craving goes live. Is it okay to say that I’m in love with my own book? Because I am.

I wrote, and re-wrote, this book over a period of years. It tanked in several contests. Judges said that a romance using a past-present construction doesn’t work, and that there shouldn’t be backstory in the first 60 pages. So I put the first flashback in the first chapter, because I thought it fit.

My agent couldn’t sell it. Editors said that they didn’t want a story about a newspaper. But I believed in it, and published it myself. That’s the beauty of being an indie author — all the control, and all the risk. I’m not a literary fiction writer. This is pure creativity and passion here, writing crazy sexy stories for the sheer joy.

So far, Constant Craving has gotten more than 320,000 views on Radish and readers are loving it. The reviews on Goodreads are humbling, far better than I ever expected.

The lesson, I think, is to follow your instincts…