I know that summer doesn’t begin until Memorial Day and officially begins on June 20. But here in Florida, it seems like it’s been summer for months, hot and humid and swampy. Maybe it’s been that way forever, definitely since I arrived 16 years ago. It’s why I love it here — sometimes people will ask, “Don’t you miss the seasons in New England? The foliage?”

My answer is always no. Fall is depressing and the colorful leaves herald death and dying. Winter and cold. My mom died in November, and I recall the vivid foliage on the hills outside her log cabin in northeastern Vermont. I haven’t returned much since, and never in the fall.

In Florida, I love the timeless quality of one season blending into the next, of never quite remembering when a life milestone happened. Was it over Christmas that the family visited? Or April? Did we buy the car in October or June? Did I cover a certain news story when it was merely warm, or skin cancer-causing hot?

Sure, we have some seasonal markers: love bug season when black-and-red bugs fly and have sex and splat into cars. Tourist season, when the roads are clogged more than usual. And hurricane season, which is coming up on June 1. I’ve been rereading Joan Didion’s “Miami,” and there’s a passage that captures the dreamlike state where one year blends into the next:

“Miami seemed not a city at all, but a tale, a romance of the tropics, a kind of waking dream in which any possibility could and would be accommodated.”

So I’m writing about summer today because it’s been on my mind, and I have a few announcements. One, I’ll be releasing the entire Story Series this summer, starting in July. Only a few short weeks really, and I’ll give you more details as we get closer to release date. This is the continuation of Caleb and Emma’s story.

And two, to celebrate this series, I’ll be doing a giveaway once week on my Facebook page. Here’s how it will work: On Mondays, I’ll put up the giveaway, then pick a winner Sunday nights. I have some great stuff planned, so check back often.

I also wanted to thank everyone who entered this week’s giveaway of the motorcycle romance-themed Ever After Box. Whynter Raven was the lucky winner!

We got great response to the giveaway, enough that I was pondering writing a story about an undercover reporter doing an investigation into a MC club. If anyone has thoughts on this, let me know!

In the meantime, here’s what I’m reading:

Beth Kery’s Make Me Series. So sexy. It’s a serial in eight episodes, and it’s delicious. It’s about a reporter and a billionaire (you know that’s my catnip) and it’s set in one of my favorite places: Lake Tahoe.


And what I’m listening to: I’m late to this party, but I’m enjoying a lot of Amy Winehouse as I write Episode Five in Caleb and Emma’s story.

And, finally, a cute photo of my dog. We went to Dog Bar in my city, which, as the name implies, is a place for dogs and people. This is Gigi and my gin and tonic.