Constant Craving


To save her business, she’ll trade every last inch of her body.

Justine’s passion is running a company, and her family’s legacy is in jeopardy. And with her company on the edge of collapse, she begs a private equity group for help. But she didn’t realize her rich ex-boyfriend Rafael was the one in charge, and she never expected his 30-day indecent proposal…

Forced to do anything her gorgeous former love wants, Justine’s taken by surprise when their passion reignites in a fiery blaze. Unsure if Rafael wants romance or revenge, she can’t stop herself from wanting to give their relationship a sizzling second chance.

Will Justine’s deal backfire or lead to a lifetime of lust?

Constant Craving: Book One is the first installment in the Craving contemporary romance trilogy. If you like smoking-hot chemistry, smart-sexy characters, and second-chance love, then you’ll adore Tamara Lush’s steamy novel. There is a cliffhanger, and this book is part of a trilogy.

Read the exciting story readers have called “smart smut,” “a no-brainer for those who love second-chance romances,” and “deliciously sexy.”

Constant Craving – Book One has a happy-for-now ending. It’s part of a trilogy. If you want more of Justine and Rafael’s story, make sure to read Books Two and Three. Or you can purchase the entire series here.


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