Constant Craving

Book Three

Reunited by passion. Primed for commitment. Will the shocking past derail the chance to prove they’re soul mates?

Justine can’t wait to marry her true love. With all the pain she went through when they were young lovers, her return to Rafael’s arms feels like a delicious destiny. But with the wedding and a baby on the way, an appalling skeleton from her fiancé’s closet makes Justine fear their love won’t even make it down the aisle.

Rafael’s deepest happiness is finally within reach. But his dream of having it all crashes and burns when his former secretary emerges with a secret that could wipe out their wedding bells. As blackmail threatens to cancel his lifetime of joy, Rafael vows to discover the truth and keep their love alive.

With their hearts held for ransom, can Justine and Rafael find a way back to a lifetime of passion?

Constant Craving: Book Three is the heartfelt climax to the Craving contemporary romance trilogy. If you like steamy scenes, impossible choices, and inseparable souls, then you’ll adore Tamara Lush’s enthralling novel.

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