If I had once piece of advice to new authors – both indie and traditional – it would be this: expect change. Often. Some of it will happen regardless of whether you want it or not, and some of the changes will come from your heart and mind.

Take book covers, for example. My first two novels, Hot Shade and Into the Heat, were traditionally published by Boroughs Publishing Group. I didn’t choose the covers, but I loved them nonetheless. They were classy, golden-hued and conveyed the setting: a tropical island in Florida. Plus, it was exciting to see my books in print!









When I got the rights back to those books and wanted to self-publish, I needed to hire a cover designer. I went with Hang Le, one of the best in the business. She made a set of colorful covers for the trilogy, all with sexy, shirtless guys. I adored those covers, and thought readers would be drawn to them. Who doesn’t like shirtless men?

But in the end, those covers didn’t quite work. Sales haven’t been as good as I’d hoped. As pretty as they are, I don’t think they conveyed the suspense plots of the series. This was entirely was my fault — I should have considered the true theme of the series: young women who are discovering secrets about love and adulthood. And so, I recently decided to pivot and try something new for this series. I think they’re great novels and believe in them, which is why I’m interested in finding covers that fit the brand and the stories.

The ability to make decisions quickly: it’s the beauty of being a self-published author.

So, drumroll, please…I’m excited to introduce you to my pretty new covers! Let me know what you think! They should be live on Amazon soon. They’re by Aria Tan of Resplendent Media.

All of the books are in Kindle Unlimited!