Today is extraordinary. It’s the day I’m celebrating the launch of my five-episode serial novel. It’s possibly the thing I’m most proud of in my entire creative career. I absolutely adore the characters in the book.

While it’s true that Tell Me a Story was released a few months ago, I’m officially toasting its release with a bottle of champagne later today (to my journalism editors, I’ll do this after I’m done with work, of course). Here’s why I’m so thrilled: from now until the end of summer, a new episode will be released every two weeks.

Sweet bites of book candy for the summer.

What does this mean for you, dear readers? If you have read Tell Me a Story, you’ll have to wait two short weeks until the next episode is released. It is available for pre-order at the link below, however.

If you have not yet read Tell Me a Story, you can download it HERE for free on AmazoniTunes or Kobo.

If you read on Nook, message me and I will send you a copy. Free. Because I love you.

Feel free to share this post, discuss the first book, show me who you’d like to see play the hero, Caleb, in the movie, etc.

In the meantime, here’s a video I did for the series. Happy summer.